Cast-Lighting Certified Installers in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

Cast-Lighting Certified Installers in our area

What does certified mean?

Cast-Lighting has carried the flag that symbolizes quality and value in the low voltage landscape lighting industry for over 3 decades. Cast-Lighting recognized that the products they offer will perform the best when selected, installed and maintained by someone with knowledge.

The technicians on this list have earned and received the Cast-Lighting Certification. This indicates that they have taken the time to learn what is required to deliver professional results.

More about Cast ...

The president of Cast-Lighting, David Beausoleil is also it's founder. Cast-Lighting was founded on the idea that landscape lighting does not need to be engineered by the accounting department to be a successful product. And, that a better product could come from someone who is passionate about professional outdoor lighting. 

What David Has To Say