Where Garden fairies gather

Smokies Theme Accessories

Vacationing Fairies love log furniture, black bears, cabins and camp fires. We have them on the shelf for you.

Go Big Orange!

The Tennessee Vols are everything around here, and it's no different with Fairy sports fans. Pint-size UT fans love to tailgate.

Happy Camper

Traveling Fairies love their campers, and so do we. Our Shoppe stocks an adorable assortment, including a micro-mini line.

Koi Ponds in Miniature

Just Gardens Supplies is well known for its quality pond supplies and knowledge of water features. Naturally we provide the same for our Fairy customers!

What's Your Style?

Whether you prefer live miniature plants or "permanent" plants and mosses, we have garden and hardscape accessories for you.

Specialty Items

Check with us for limited availability and discontinued collectors' pieces, such as Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairies and Schleich Black Bear Cubs. We also carry Christmas items year-round.