For Water Feature Builders

We stock the major components of most landscape scale water features. Pondgard liner from Firestone, pumps, flexible piping and pond accessories. Our Contractor Pricing Level helps you keep your prices manageble and your projects profitable. This pricing level is available only to those in the trade, so you must provide business credentials to become eligible.

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For Folks With Koi

Managing a water feature with Koi is rewarding and consuming. Like children, Koi demand attention. By having a stock of fish-care products and fish sensitive water treatments, it allows us to help you manage your "flock with fins". High quality fish foods, de-chlorinators, ammonia reducers, parasite treatments, pond salt crystals and beneficial bacteria are stocked items.

For Folks With Fountains

Having a fountain of any scale or configuration is an easy way to bring the transforming power of moving water to many spaces. Because of the small water volume within these systems, water quality management can become challenging. Animal safe algaecides, defoamers and beneficial bacterial to keep the water quality high are kept on hand at our Shoppe.

For Folks With Water Feature Questions

While we cannot answer all questions immediately, we like to help if we can. Feel free to email us your question and we will help you find a solution.

For DIYers

So, you like to play in the water? Great! We have experience matching components to a project. It is one of the things we do best! We would be glad to send you information on water feature basics. Just send us an email about the type of feature you plan on building along with a mailing address to send it to!

What Do We Stock?

We keep the basic equipment for constructing the water handling system of a water feature on-hand. This includes EPDM pond liner, flexible PVC piping, pumps, check valves, Eco-Blox, pump vaults and much more!